Sonya: 11 months!
by Kelly Doroshenk, posted 5/13/2013 7:18:37 PM
We've had a fun couple of weeks now that the weather is getting nicer. Sonya is a pro at army crawling all over the place and particularly likes pulling Margo's fur and touching Chester's toes (neither of them appreciates this). She likes to play with the stereo, remotes, iPad, and phone (just like her dad!) and likes to lay in the dog bed and get furry. She still loves books and has learned how to hold one with her feet while lying down (she needs to free up her hands to point and turn the page, of course). She loves to dance and sing and is really enjoying the music class we signed up for. 

 Sonya is way into music and rocks out whenever she can

Her nickname is 'monkey feet' because she tries to hold everything with her feet

Because of the nice weather, we've been working in the yard, hitting up the parks, and grilling with friends. Sonya is in love with trees and leaves and we MUST touch the bushes and trees in our yard every time we're out there. It turns out Sonya also likes swings and slides a lot and gets very upset when we decide its time to go. Her personality has definitely gotten 'spicier'.

Swing time at the park

Sonya has decided she will only consistently eat fruit, sandwiches, and cheerios and that she wants control of the spoon. Needless to say, mealtimes are a challenge! Margo and Chester are loving the fountain of food that gets dropped from her chair. She just cut 3 new teeth and I think she's been a little out of sorts because of it. Hopefully this phase will pass soon...

Its hard to believe our shrimp is going to be a year soon!! More on the big celebration next time.
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Alexa Neckel @ 5/14/2013 6:28:27 AM
Sonya just gets cuter and cuter!!!!  She's crushing Zane in the teeth department, he's still just rocking two.

John Doroshenk @ 5/30/2013 8:45:10 PM
Thanks Alexa, today we witnessed her actually using her teeth to bite into a cheerio!
Emily Caven @ 6/19/2013 4:15:24 PM
Such a cutie, especially in that last photo! Sounds like she's feisty like our little one... Just you wait till she's super mobile!