Sonya: 10 months!
by Kelly Doroshenk, posted 4/21/2013 7:53:12 PM
After we arrived home from a great visit to Virginia, Poppy came to Portland to hang out with Sonya. He also helped fix some stuff up around the house that we just couldn't find the time to do (a big help!). We went to the zoo (finally saw the baby elephant and polar bears), Washington Park, and the walking path down by the river to see all the sights and sounds (and people) of Portland. It took a while before Poppy was able to hold Sonya without a freak out, but eventually she got used to it. She had a great time! 

At the zoo--check out the baby elephant in the background

Enjoying some porch time--we had great weather that week

Sonya mesmerized by the the accordion player at the nearby German restaurant. "Say, how do you turn the volume down on this thing?" 

Sonya is a riot these days. She mimics our gestures more, understands the names of certain objects (she loves to point at things) and is babbling away. We also think she said her first word (and knowing what it means)--da da! Let's hope 'mama' comes before 'Margo' or 'Chester'. She's very into pat a cake, peek a boo, playing ball with us, and stacking her blocks. Mealtime has become a roller coaster--some days we love what Mom is cooking up, other days we will throw the same thing on the floor (Mom tries not to take offense). She is a true Doroshenk, though--she loves her sippy cup of water! 

All decked out for the neighborhood St. Patrick's Day parade

Our last doctor visit at 9.5 months went well. We've finally hit the 14 lb mark! She is still working on that crawling thing. We get up on our hands and knees just fine, but we can't figure out how to coordinate moving the arms with the legs. Her newest move is an army crawl. At least she's cleaning the floors... 
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Alexa Neckel @ 4/22/2013 11:25:05 AM
The picture of Poppy holding Sonya on the porch is SO CUTE!